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Refoodlution offers a complete digitization of restaurant menus, minimizing the risk of contagion from the COVID-19. Through a QR code, diners are shown the digital menu, the allergens statement in accordance with the current law and the automated translation of the menu.

How it works?

With your smartphone. Wihtout downloading any App. Eating in a restaurant becomes more pleasant, reliable and safe.
In 3 easy steps you will enjoy all the benefits of Refoodlution!

Get into
Get intoRefoodlution
Make the registration at the top of this web page.
Insert your dishes
Insert your dishes from your menu
Optionally, you can enter allergens from each dish.
Create your menu and
Create your menu and assign the dishes
You can automatically generate it in up to 20 languages.
¡You already have your QR code...
¡You already have your QR simple as that!
Any change in the menu no will need a new QR code.

¡Try me!

Move your smartphone camera closer to this QR code and you will see an example of a restaurant menu. If you are browsing from your smartphone, click on the QR code.


Advantages of using Refoodlution


Eliminate the risk of transmission of the COVID-19 in your menu, with a single QR all the information available to your customers.

Bye COVID-19

We have to put aside paper menus to eliminate transmission risks.



Diners and workers will stop taking unnecessary risks of a possible contagion of COVID-19.

Deja de correr riesgos

Ease, practicality and efficiency, our platform manages for you all the information transmitted to customers.



You will control the allergens that each dish on your menu contains and you will easily and reliably inform your diners.

Your safety, is tranqulity.

You will avoid any risk or error on the part of the personnel.


Current law

You will strictly comply with the global health law that regulates the information provided to customers of all restaurants, bars, cafes, ice cream parlors, hotels, etc.

Current law

We are your best ally to comply with current law rigorously and effectively.


Frequently asked questions

You don't have to download or install anything. Refoodlution runs in your browser with a native user experience.
You can start a new experience by scanning a QR code on the menu of the restaurant where our technology is installed. Our system will always show you the 100% updated information from the establishment. By scanning the QR code it will redirect you to a portal where selecting your food preferences, you will be able to see the menu adapted to your needs.
If you have an iPhone, use the application of your camera, as if you wanted to take a photo. On Android, use Google Lens or one of the QR scanner applications.
Yes, Refoodlution is a customizable digital cloud-based menu. If you have internet connection problems you can ask for the Wifi password of the establishment where you are.

Refoodlution is completely free for restaurant diners.

Refoodlution is completely free for restaurant diners. The price for the establishments will depend on the plan selected. Access the prices section for more information.

We are the solution

Transform your restaurant into a place with maximum food safety, informing your customers in an easy, reliable and innovative way.


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